Review: Know Your PC

This review is for school

Title: Know your personal computer
Author: Anatole d’Hardancourt
Publisher: Grada
Release Date:  1995
Genre/Age Group: Technology / Computer Science
Source: not officially for sale anymore

Robust explanations with beautiful precise colorful illustrations allow all curious people and enthusiasts to get to the core of a computer and his additional devices; find out everything about the newest constructional principles, learn to not only understand computers, but also set them up according to your preferences.

Even though it’s a book that I personally wouldn’t choose from the vast selection out there, I am not somehow against learning new things so I got into it. This book covers the basics of how a computer works with the intention of obviously, educating us. It’s stated that knowing the things that are in this book can help us diagnose if something’s wrong with our hardware, this is the main reason regular people would want to know these things.

Some of the information is a bit outdated, for example a section about a data disk, about which I’m not sure if they still make it. But in general computers these days work on the same principles as they did back in the days.

The illustrations take up most of the pages, they’re really pretty and authentic and they look computer made. Kudos to Joel Bavagnoli who managed to do something like that with a computer in 1995. Overall the book’s outlook is decent and the content is easy to grasp even for people who know nothing about computers.

It touches the subjects of general devices required to call something a computer, it sums up what is their purpose and how they work. There’s something about memory, monitors, printers, telecommunication and networks, a bit about programming and multimedia. What I recall as interesting is for example a bit of information about video animations.

I will avoid rating this book since this is the first educational literature I’ve read and I find it that my rating would not be fair.

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