IMGL5893-1200My name is Lucia. I’m currently fifteen years old. Born and bred in a small country Slovakia. Aside from reading I love spending time listening to music, cooking and eating, writing, watching movies and TV shows. I am also interested in philosophy, politics, religion, languages and art – literature and fashion mostly but also architecture. My mother loves books and she kept and still keeps stocking up our shelves. They’re mostly full of encyclopedias and children’s books, chick-lit and science. I’m quite a rebel so I avoid exactly these genres. Although my main interest is in young adult or coming of age section, I read whatever tickles my fancy from different genres. You’ll find that I’m quite picky as a reader, because I’m really hard to please. I also often sacrifice my 7 hours of sleep for a great book, but I never regret it. I’ll post here only reviews I wrote after I made this blog. There are about 30 reviews I posted on Goodreads before that. If you are interested go to my Goodreads profile and look at the oldest ones. I love meeting new people so don’t be shy and talk to me!

This blog was registered 17.2.2014 on WordPress. Here is my first post/little more about my blog.

Social media icons are from here, the mail icon from here. Background photo by this amazing photographer. Full cookie that I use for rating from here, half a cookie here.


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