Policies & Rating


If you are an author or a publisher and want me to review your book, you can email me or fill in the form on my contact page. Please familiarize yourself with my reading preferences first.

Preferred Genres //

young adult / fantasy / romance / adult / dystopian / post-apocalyptic / historical fiction / science fiction

Books I’ll most likely refuse //

non-fiction / memoir / thriller / comic / novel / western / religious

I accept e-books for PC or Kindle app, even though I prefer print copies.  I try to read and review as many books as possible, but occasionally I might refuse to review your book if there are too many books on my to-read list or if it doesn’t interest me. Keep in mind that even after receiving the book there is a possibility that I won’t finish your book. If you would like your review by a certain date, let me know. Reviews will be published here on my blog, on my Goodreads profile and shared on twitter and facebook. I’ll send you links together with my review. If you don’t want my review to be published/you want to decide after reading the review, please inform me in advance.

I also have an account on Netgalley and Edelweiss.


If you want to promote your company on my blog (sidebar advertising, giveaways or interviews), you can contact me by sending me an email. If you are a fellow blogger and want to collaborate in any way, please contact me.

I don’t receive payment for my reviews.  If a book has not yet reached release date and I posted a review,  I received it from the author/publisher.

My reviews are always honest. When reviewing a book, I review that – a book, not an author. I write reviews to help people decide if they are interested in the book or not. I try to always write a detailed review, to keep it somehow entertaining I like to add gifs, pictures, quotes from the book, etc. I use images and gifs found on Tumblr and Google, they’re not mine unless stated. Reviews I post are my intellectual property, please do not copy, quote, repost more than one paragraph without my permission.



I love this book unconditionally! Only minor flaws if any at all.


I liked this book a lot! There were a few issues that bothered me.


It didn’t really overwhelm me, but I still like it. There were things that I couldn’t get over.


It was ok, but I did not enjoy it and I wanted this book to end.


I did not like this book at all and no just no, no, no.


Yeah and sometimes I also use half a cookie  if I can’t decide. Which is almost always.


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